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What Mori does best

Mori International has proven time and time again that it has the ability to help foreign business find the right people for their manpower requirements. Backed up with a proven track record of working with numerous giants in their respective industries, Mori International is the right partner to meet your manpower requirements.

What matters the most to us in Mori International is that we are able to bridge our foreign clients together with top talent. With our almost 30 years of experience, providing beneficial terms for our clients and our sourced Filipino workers is our main priority. As such, you can trust Mori International to provide you with what you need most.

Volume Recruitment

Hiring a large number of workers ranging from the 100s and 1000s may seem daunting. Mori International can help you find the right fit while maintaining the quality of talent needed for your project.

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Skilled Recruitment

Finding the right fit for your projects involving construction, manufacturing and etc. may be a problem you are facing now. With the right connections and procedures, Mori International will be able to help you find the right talent for your projects.

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Managerial Recruitment

The higher the position is, the harder it is to fill the role. Mori International can easily find you the managerial talent you need for your manpower needs.

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Specialist Recruitment

Finding manpower with a specific set of skills and talent is difficult for anyone, except us. Mori International can easily fill your specialist roles ranging from engineers, nurses, doctors and etc. we have what you need.

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With Mori Global you can rest easy

At Mori Global, we offer ease of mind and a smooth process to recruit the talent you need.

Simplifying the DMW and MWO application process

Mori Global understands how difficult it is to work with foreign government agencies. Our team in Mori Global will guide you in every single procedure and requirement needed in order to recruit the talent you need. From the very first email or inquiry you send our team up to the successful deployment of the talent, our team in Mori Global will be with you every step of the way to guide you.

This includes:

  • Providing you with a list of requirements
  • Processing the documents
  • Finalizing and perfecting accreditation documents

Talent that meets your standard

Finding the right talent for your project is a very important step in order to meet your manpower needs. Mori Global can easily find you the right talent through a combination of social media and recruitment missions all around the Philippines. Before the applicant is sent to our clients for recommendation, Mori Global has already done the necessary steps to ensure their talent and skills.

Our process includes:

  • Proper screening of applicants
  • Rigorous testing of talent and skills
  • Pre-interview orientation

We like to keep it simple.

Talking about qualifications and abilities may seem like a waste of time for everyone. Instead, we let our ongoing and past achievements do all the talking for us. Find out if we are the best fit for your project.