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Country: Saudi Arabia - Riyadh
The Beginning

Al-Sharq was established in 1976 by Mr. Ali bin Suleiman Al Shehri and it was known then as "Al-Sharq Factory for Plastic and Paper".
Key events in Al-Sharq evolution are summarized below:

° Start-up of the Basic Blown film plant at the 1st Industrial City (Year 1976).
° Start-up of the Paper Factory at the 1st Industrial City in Riyadh (Year 1981).
° Start-up of the Injection & Blow Molding plant at the 2nd Industrial City in Riyadh (Year 1984).
° Commissioning of the Blown Film Plant in the 2nd Industrial City in Riyadh (Year 1991).
° Start-up of the Plastic Recycling Plant at the 2nd Industrial City in Riyadh (Year 1998).
° Commissioning of the Thermoforming Plant at the 2nd Industrial City in Riyadh (Year 2002).

Since its establishment, the company has undertaken a continuous expansion campaign, which resulted in making Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging at present the largest plastic producer in Saudi Arabia.

Salient Features

The Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging products range is based principally on the processes of Extrusion, Printing, & Lamination.

Primarily, Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging is engaged in the production of polyethylene films products. The majority of Al-Sharq’s products are sold to the domestic markets, with approximately 16% of sales exported to customers in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and in Africa.

At Present, the entire Al-Sharq Group operates remaining six factories and having about 300 employees. The Al-Sharq Flexible Packaging production facilities are comprised of 21 manufacturing machines (Extruders/Printing for Roto or Flexo, Lamination, Cutting Sealing, Metallizing, Slitting/Rewinding, etc. These include some of the largest and most technically advanced processing system in the Middle East.
• Min. 3-5 yrs experience in their respective fields
• Ages : 22-45 yrs old
• Valid Passport with 2 yrs. validity

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